Sweet 16 match game #2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my realization that five of us on the staff here at St. James United Methodist Church have children who celebrate their 16th birthday this year, including me. (There may be more than that because I’m not sure about the preschool staff.) So I’m giving you a Sweet 16 Match Game to see if you can figure out which baby, turning 16 years old this year, belongs to which parent. You can find Sweet 16 Match Game #1 here.

Today is match game #2. You will see the five of us from the staff who have children turning 16 years old this year, then you’ll see the baby photo. Can you match the baby with the parent?

Here are the parents, in order: Skip Carpenter, Sonja Clark, Steve Ezra, Cristi Moore, and Chris Stocker.

Ok, you have the staff members of St. James United Methodist Church who have sweet 16’s this year. Now, here’s the baby photo of the child turning 16:

Can you picture this baby turning 16 this year? Neither could this baby’s parents! So, to whom does this beautiful baby belong? Make your guess in the comments. After all five baby photos are posted and guessed, I’ll give you the correct answers.

Steve Ezra

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